As part of the project, we provided online History of fashion, dress and accessory making workshops. We went through a step by step design process where participants were given one to one guidance about the best of their designs. Here are the Acrylic Accessories designed by some of the women/girls, and their sources of inspiration.

"My inspiration came from birds, the shape of wings"

"I wanted something simple that I could put on without any help"

"I love hexagons"

"I love the Russian constructionist movement"

"I wanted my initial in it so only I can wear it"


"I love hearts"

"Overlapping Circles"

"Love is all you need"

"The eye of a needle"

"Birds flying at sunset"

"Black and white"




"30's and 40's"


" 1,2,3..."

"Symmetry "

"My inspiration came from leaves"


"I just wanted my name..."

"Sun, moon and stars..."

"Red, Aries and Mars"

"This is a mouse/dinosaur!"

"I saw a butterfly on a flower..."



"I need something practical"